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Thrive and Profit

You are in the right place if...

You are the owner of a small design firm

Small design firms have unique challenges for managing business operations and leading the firm for sustainability and growth.  Arch CEO's mission is to provide the strategies, tools and community that will minimize your stress and time to meet your goals, equalize work / life balance and maximize profit.

You need strategies to increase your success

Everyone defines success differently based on their goals. Being an owner of a small design firm only increases the possibilities.  Let's define your goals, establish your vision for the future and determine strategies that will expedite the process and keep you on track.

Download list of strategies.

Business templates would save you time

Arch CEO shares all templates to the community as part of the membership benefits.  Community members are also encouraged to share their templates on the file share site.

Download the list and sample of current and planned templates available in the file share folder.

A community increases your confidence

Arch CEO hosts forums, meetups and masterminds to share experiences, successes and failures to provide confidence for community members in their business decisions, operations and planning.

Connect in the community that will sustain your goals


Greetings fellow design firm owners!


I am Kevin Hittle, a registered architect and design firm owner since 1993.  Within the next few years I will likely be retiring and transitioning firm ownership to my amazing team.   My goal, before and after retirement, is to provide the team any insights possible to ensure they are able to manage the business of the firm with more success and less stress than me and my cohorts.


I invite you to be a part of the journey, benefit from our resources and extract business strategies that will aid you in managing a resilient design firm.  Most importantly, I invite you to be the foundation in developing a community, and sub-communities, that will be self supporting to grow and preserve thriving design firms.

3 Easy Steps to a Thriving Firm

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