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Sharpens His Friend

What would be possible if the people around you

refused  to let you fail?

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Your Arch CEO MasterMind...

Will understand your challenges

We have all walked the same path for months, years or decades.  It will be surprising how comforting it is to know we have all experienced the same issues and felt the same frustrations.  Sometimes all we need is to vent to a group that understands.

Will provide possible solutions

Again, we have all walked the same path for months, years or decades.  If you have a problem, it is very likely several of your cohorts in the mastermind will have solutions to your dilemma.  You will also provide your own insights that will inspire others to improve on your own experiences.

Will hold you accountable

Accountability partners increase the chances of successfully achieving goals by 95%.  Reviewing your goals each week with the group will give you incentive to make consistent progress and complete tasks long before your deadline.

Will join in celebrating your success

Celebrating all successes is important to acknowledge the effort put forth and the actual completion of a milestone.  Observing completion of a goal with your tribe will solidify the value you bring to your clients and team.

Steps to joining your MasterMind

Understand your



Value and Benefits

6 to10 Members

Understand your commitment

One year membership

Meet once per week

Prepare for MM Meeting


Join Your


Pay Membership Fee

Complete on boarding questionnaire

Arch CEO Acceptance

Assignment to Your Mastermind

Understand your MasterMind


Your Arch CEO MasterMind is:

  • Group of peers who give advice and support

  • Group of peers brainstorming

  • Sharing experience

  • Sharing experiences

  • Sharing frustrations

  • Sharing Ideas

  • Elevating your skills

  • Getting Support

  • Facing your fears

  • Celebrating successes

  • Forcing accountability

The quality of a person’s life is most often a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group.”  Tony Robbins

Understand your commitment


Your Arch CEO Mastermind Group requires a commitment from each member in order for the group to be successful.

  • You must absolutely, positively be honest yet constructive with yourself and your peer group

  • You must be available and willing to meet for four hours per month.

  • You should be ready to explore and define your purpose.

  • You need to be prepared to identify relevant goals and develop an executable plan

  • You will need to evaluate how your personal life integrates with your professional responsibilities.

Join your MasterMind


Your Arch CEO MasterMind is only available with annual memberships.  In order for the individual and the group to gain a benefit for their efforts and time commitment, the peer group needs to have a long-term relationship.  Ideally, the MasterMind should commit to a three year resolution to gain full benefit from the on-boarding process, getting acquainted, defining a purpose ,developing an executable plan and holding each other accountable for execution of the plan.

Please contact Arch CEO for more information about your Mastermind on boarding process and to determine if you would benefit from being a member

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